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Emotional Intelligence & Truth and Deception Training

Welcome to NaviGo™ PEI Singapore & Malaysia. We are the exclusive provider of Paul Ekman training in Singapore and Malaysia.

NaviGo™ PEI Singapore has been established to make emotional skills and deception programs accessible in the region.

With our office in Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur, we continue to offer high quality training for individuals and for organisations across public, private and voluntary sectors.

Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC)

This two-day core program focuses on cutting edge behavioural science. It prepares people with the knowledge, skills, and approaches to evaluate verbal and non-verbal communications from others.

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Evaluating Truth & Credibility (ETaC)

This is a three-day program focuses on solid research and science. It is designed to develop a person’s ability and skill to recognize emotions in others as a basis for evaluating truth and lies.

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